Our Installation System

Image Is Everything To A Client

We Have No Vested Interest In Any Other Real Estate Ventures, We Are Not Real Estate Agents. We Provide The Best Real Estate Sign Post Installation Services In The Capital Region For You The Real Estate Agent.

There Are Various Types Of Real Estate Sign Posts Available, Wood, Metal, And Vinyl. Being In This Business For Quite Some Time I have Seen A Number Of Issues With Every Type Of Sign Post. We Have Developed In My Opinion The Best Design For Vinyl Real Estate Posts (Patent Pending). This Is Not To Embarrass Any Companies, Agencies, Installers, Agents , Or Anyone For That Matter.  As Stated Before Image Is Everything When  Attempting To Have A Homeowner List A Property With You And Your Agency.

Wood Sign Posts

Due To The Unbalanced Weight Of The Sign Post, They Are Prone To Extreme Leaning. They Require Constant Painting, & Maintenance. Typically The Real Estate Agencies Are Charged To Build Them, Paint Them, And Replace Them, When They Are Not Removed. There Is No  Incentive For The Installer To Remove Them As They Have No Money Invested In The Real Estate Post. There Is Usually A Large Hole Left In Your Yard. Please Notice The Image Below:

Heavy Wood Post Down

Unacceptable Lawn Damage

Metal Sign Posts

In My Opinion They Are Hideous, Flimsy, Unstable Due To Ground Mounting System. They Do Not Hold Up Well To Weather. They Are Lightly Painted And Rust Quickly,  Also As A Homeowner Listing A Property And Providing A Percentage Of The Sales Price, Again Image Is Everything It Is A Representation Of You And Your Agency A Sign Like This Is Not Acceptable. Please Note The Image Below:

Sign Is Longer Than The Top Arm, No Place For A Rider, And Leaning Left.

If Any Real Estate Agency Leaves A Sign Like This On Your Property As A Real Estate Post For More Than A Week, My Advice Find A New Agency. If They Won't Get You A Great Vinyl Or Even Wood Sign Post. I Would Imagine They Are Not Doing Much Of Anything

Typical Vinyl Sign Post

This Is Typical Vinyl Post, It Is Made Of A Lesser Quality Vinyl. There Are Several Types Of Stakes That Are Hammered Or Twisted Into The Ground. They Are Prone To Tipping And Some Only Go 10" Into The Vinyl Post Itself.  Please Note Images Below

Sign Longer Than The Arm, Missing Top Cap. Leaning Left, Very Dirty, A Bad Installation

Typical Ground Stake Used In This Installation

Leaning Left Again, Sign Longer Than Post Arm, Post Has Twisted Meaning The Spike In The Ground Was Turned By Wind.


Our Vinyl Sign Posts

I Can't Tell You Our Installation Method, But No Small Ground Stakes Are Used. We Have A Very Sturdy System That Goes Over 2 Ft In The Ground & Over 4 Ft In The Vinyl Post. Here Are Some Other Features Our Vinyl Real Estate Posts Include ,U.V. protected from sunlight, 100% vinyl. No wood fillers used ,Sturdy pocket rails. We Do Not Put Wood Posts In The Ground To Stabilize  Our Posts Either. You Can Also View Our Gallery Please See Images Below:

Berkshire Hathaway Niskayuna Is Now Using All Vinyl Posts, And The Clients Love It!!

Weichert Realtors Real Estate Post Albany, N.Y.